2008-2014 Mercedes C63 AMG ECU Stage 1 Tune

$1090.99 CAD

Brand: Redline Autohaus & Performance

Fitment: 2008 - 2014 Mercedes C63


Mercedes C63 AMG ECU Tune

Vehicle Year: 2008-2014


Redline Autohaus engineers and calibrators will do a custom remap of your ECU. All maps are dyno-tested and data logged. All knock tables remain the same as stock and don't get desensitized. Any of the manufacturer safety functions on the ECU will stay the same. Our Stage 1 software is safe and reliable and will have you smiling every time you get on the throttle.

  • Stock HP

    451 HP

  • Tuned HP

    525+ HP

  • Stock TQ

    443 ft/lbs

  • Tuned TQ

    490+ ft/lbs


We are located on Jefferson Blvd near the E.C Row Expy in Windsor, Ontario. If you need GPS just search Redline Autohaus on Google Maps and you will be sure to find us.

Redline Autohaus & Performance

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