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Mechanical Diagnosis
Safety Inspection
No Hidden Fees
$ 95
Pre Purchase Inspection
$ 190
Hourly Labour
Starting At
$ 95
Hourly At
$ 120
Computer Diagnosis
Module Programming
All Modules
$ 299.99
Synthetic BMW Oil Change
Starts from
$ 120

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BMW Repair Specialist & BMW Mechanic In Windsor

We have over 25 years of combined experience in repairing BMW's

bmw diagnostic
BMW Diagnostics

When getting your BMW looked at you don't want just any general repair shop or mechanic diagnosing it. These cars have a ton of electronics and are very sensitive as well as hard to diagnose without the proper tools, here at Redline we take pride in being a dealer alternative for BMW Repair without paying the dealer premium.

bmw module coding programming
Module Programming & Coding

We use dealer level software to program and encode all modules on any given BMW. All of our software is provided to us by the manufacturer (BMW North America). It is the exact same software used at the BMW dealership , our hardware and software connect directly to the manufacturers server, downloads the latest module files for each module and flashes them.

bmw vanos repair
VANOS Repairs

We can repair any issues you may have with the VANOS system (Variable Timing) of your BMW.

bmw timing chain repair
Timing Chain

We replace timing chains on all BMW engines (N20, N52, N54, N55, B58, S55 etc)

bmw oil leak repair
Gaskets And Seals

Gaskets and seals are famous for leaking oil on BMW's, we replace valve cover gaskets, oil filter housing gaksets, oil pan gaksets and front main seals.

bmw brakes suspension repair
Brakes & Suspension

We replace all brake & suspension parts on BMW's.

bmw n54 mechanic
Engine & Transmission

We can do any engine or transmission replacement on BMW's.

Intake Valve Cleaning

The newer BMW's have direct injection engines, this causes oil to naturally get stuck on your valves and reduce air flow which can cause rough idle and misfires. The proper procedure in such cases is walnut blasting, walnut blasting consists of hitting the valve with fine walnut shells and compressed air in order to clean your valves, we offer this service at a great rate.

Water Pump & Thermostat

Since 2006 BMW started making electriconic water pumps which were prone to failure, we replace these with revised parts which come with a 3 year warranty.


We are located on Jefferson Blvd near the E.C Row Expy in Windsor, Ontario. If you need GPS just search Redline Autohaus on Google Maps and you will be sure to find us.

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